• Accupen Handheld Applanation Tonometer

Accupen Handheld Applanation Tonometer

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Busy facilities deserve and instrument that will come through in the clutch, which is why Accutome is proud to offer the AccuPen handheld tonometer for patient IOP screening.


  • Gravity Offset Technology provides precise IOP measurements with less calibration compared to other handheld tonometers.
  • Micro strain gauge technology combined with proprietary algorithms provide reproducible results.


  • Ergonomic design combined with sighting lines allow for easy visualization of the cornea, facilitating both centralization and perpendicularity.
  • Contoured molding with a large, visable LCD allows the AccuPen to be used ambidextrously and fit comfortably in any size hand.


  • Eliminates the constant need for "up, down and around" calibration.
  • Long lasting lithium battery lasts up to 15,000 readings.


  • Weighs only 3.0oz
  • Comes with custom, heavy duty traveling case and lanyard for safe transportation.


  • Takes fast measurements with patient in any position.
  • Frees up valuable office space.

Smarter Software

  • Stores and averages nine measurements.
  • Built in IOP Correction Calculator adjusts IOP based on central corneal thickness.

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