Auto Refractometer-Keratometer LTL

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  • Wide 7 inch Touch-screen panal .Auto Ref-keratometer SINGLE LTL is equipped with a wide 7 inch color LTL LCD with touch-screen panpal to use all the functions with ease.

  • The corrt position of patient's eye is available to be found automatically by internal-software without operation of joystick.Further,SINHLE LTL is also available to align and measure automatically with touching of screen only.

  • The LCD screen enables operator to measure in comfortable position even when the patient's eyelid needs to be opened by operator.

  • SINGLE LTL provides the patients with the comfortable measuring environment by adopting Chin-rest and Head-rest with soft material of silicon rubber

  • External thermal-printer equipped with auto loading&cutting can be connected with also connected with other devices such as auto vision-tester,PC,auto lensmeterand so on

  • It allow to connectwith other devices such as auto vision-tester,auto lensmeter,PC as well as EMR/EHR protocol system

    Refractometer Measurement


    -25~+25D(VD 12MM)(0.01/0.12/0.25 Steps)


    0~±10D(0.01/0.12/0.25 Steps)


    1-180°(1° Steps)

    Required minimum pupil


    Keratometer Measurement

    Radius curvature

    5.00~10.00mm(0.01mm Steps)

    Refractive power

    67.50-33.75D(n=1.3375)(0.01/ 0.12/0.25 Steps)


    0~±10D(0.01/0.12/0.25 Steps)

    Astigmatism axis

    1-180°(1° Steps)

    Peripheral measurement


    Size Measurement


    Special Function

    PK(Peripheral Keratometry)ILLUM(Retro-illumination) SIZE(Cornea/Pupil size)

    Target chart

    Auto fog system with scenery chart/Auto fog system with dots chart(Optional)


    Tiltable wide 7 inch TFT LCD

    Luminance 400cd/m2

    Resolution 800*480 Pixels


    External printer with auto loading&cutting


    RS-232C(RX/TX),D-sub(Video out),RFID(Optional)





    Power Supply

    AC 100.240V 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption

    55~85 VA


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